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Give a hearty hello to tonight's Toil Girl in the spotlight--Holly.


The fore-elders of this fetching lass were proud Scots and that should give you a good lead-in as to how Holly's portrait's theme came about.

"Enclosed are a few pics of my obsession...Scotland.  I've been there 3 times (was proposed to in Ireland in late 2019) and it's the land of my forebears. I relate strongly to it.  With that said, I'd love it if my portrait could be themed around Scotland. I also love "Game of Thrones", so perhaps a sort of long medieval-ish gown like something Daenerys might wear."

Thanks to all the Scottish landscape reference Holly provided--including the stone circle which is in reference to the TV show "Outlander"--I'd like to think we have an evocative representation of her ancestor's homeland. Needless to say the main subject of the portrait--Holly--makes it all relevant in a beautiful way.

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