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I'm so thrilled and honored to present a portrait that represents one heck of a talented and smart woman named Holly. 

To help convey the snappy siren that Holly is, it was suggested by her equally-talented artist sweetheart Peter that I infuse a bit of retro fashion with a hint of science-fiction somewhere within the environment. But more importantly we both figured the art should display her strongest aesthetic passion--writing--and I did so with that classic Underwood she's so gingerly touching.

So, yeah, imagine how flattering it was to be approached by Peter, a gentleman whose fine art paintings I've been ga-ga over for numerous years now, asking to immortalize his main squeeze.  That's like Wolfgang Puck asking me to make him a sandwich!


Annnnyway, I just wanted to express how fun it was "toiling" over such a project for two lovely and creative  people I've come to like and admire.



Inducted 4/16

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