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It's not only the witching hour, it is also the BEwitching hour, and as you can see from her ill-fated suitors, tonight's Toil temptress is strong with the power to seduce. Meet Harriet Marianne von Brömssen.

I'm so very happy Harriet's English is better than my Swedish or else this portrait might not have ever happened. And yes, I can speak a little Swedish. As I said, little. I know the word "konstverk"--which means "artwork". That's the extent of my Swedish. On the other hand Harriet knows English well enough to art direct her portrait, from the castle down to that rib cage protruding from the mound.


Like so many others like me that were children of the 1960s and 70s, I grew up worshipping monsters. There was no better thrill than the anticipation of an old horror film airing on late night TV. Typically by the end of the movie I realized the anticipation was more gripping than the movie itself. Needless to say the old Universal horror movies delivered the goods more times than not. They rarely skimped on the screen time the monsters got--with the exception of "Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman". A great movie but had they given those two guys a couple more minutes together they probably would have discovered they had a few things in common and possibly ended up being BFFs.


So what this all leads to is my joy and happiness to bring a bit of that macabre madness here into Toil territory. The ominous castle, the thunderbolt crack, the full moon, the blood-lusting beauty who lives to plunge her fangs deep into your arteries! All so very awesome, and a great pleasure to see hanging from my dungeon mean art gallery walls!


Enough about such horrors! We're here to celebrate the lovely Harriet, so let's find out more about her! Take it away min skönhet (I looked that one up)!


I'm from Gothenburg, Sweden. My mother is Swedish and my father is from Slovenia.
I live in an apartment in Gothenburg but in a recreation area. I have married me into a noble family and I have no kids.

My favourite colour is blue. I like food and my dogs, right now I got three.

My interests are writing, illustrations, PC, blog, nature, music, movies, animals and old buildings.

My theme for this art were easy chosen when I call myself Hollywood Vampire on the internet and I like bats. In my dreams I'm a gothic vampire, cause my living style, late nights and so I thought this one would fit me. The result were magic and totally different that I would imagine but I love it.

The portrait , the Toil Girl certificate and the sketched artwork is now hanging in the hall at my apartment.

The best thing for me is to be a Toil Girl when I'm in an age of 40 plus".


And Harriet, the best thing for me about you becoming a Toil Girl was enjoying our brief exchange of ideas as well as the entire process of developing the final art with you. And I have to admit I'm pretty smitten with the final art itself. So thank you very much for being a part of my art collection.


I can't tell you how proud I am that someone from so very far away showed this kind of interest in my work. I will never underestimate the amazing power of the internet. A mere thirty years ago my art probably wouldn't have had much of a chance to be seen by the eyes of Harriet and sooo many others around the globe.


To you, Harriet, I say kramar.


That means "hugs". I looked that up as well.

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