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It may be a bit early to start harvesting the apple orchards--but not so in the Toil Girl Big Beautiful Pin-Up Gallery! Lovely things bloom and peak all-year-'round up in here!

With that said, say hi to today's Toil Girl in the spotlight--a Kentucky cutie named Greta!

I often say how much I enjoy a portrait client contacting me with the most under-developed seedling of an idea and welcoming my participation to start fresh from the ground up. But I equally love when the client approaches me with the entire theme and design fully realized. It makes the portrait more of a personalized project--and it also makes my job a bit easier!  :-)

Here's what the lovely and cordial Greta wrote me in our initial communication:

"This is what I was thinking for my picture. Could you please have me in a tight-ish pink and white  checked, sweet heart shaped front-shirt,  in jeans and boots. Hair length right at my shoulders--and blond.  No glasses on blue eyes. I want it to look like the real me--and super feminine. 

I’m straddling the middle of a barrel while it’s on its side with the lid then looking forward to read “D&G Distilling Co.” I’m in an apple orchard, reddish clay dirt, apples maybe scattered on the ground a bit. Either a table next to me with a glass moonshine jar on it with some kind of beautiful danish, cake or cupcake beside it-- or maybe me holding an apple in on hand and a traditional moonshine jar in the other. I'm also completely open to anything you may think of. Must have apples and whisky/moonshine theme."

Again, affable art director Greta saved me the effort of numerous emails asking how she'd like to be dressed, what kind of props she'd like shown in the art, how she wanted her hair, etc...

On that note let me extend a hug and a thanks to you, Greta, for bringing this great idea to my drawing table and, now, here to the gallery. Happy harvesting!!



Inducted 5/19

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