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Tonight's opulent and drop-dead gorgeous Toil Girl Gabrielle shares the spotlight with one of the most respected and beloved creatures on this planet. Please welcome her and her tusked companion into the gallery.


Gabrielle and the concept she had in mind for her Toil portrait couldn't have come at a better time. I had just completed the cover art for my girlfriend Ava's first children's CD "Elephants In My Ears" and I had been painting and drawing elephants every which way. Needless to say, by the time it came to rendering Gabrielle's portrait, I was in total and complete pachyderm mode. The concept was Gabrielle's vision and I have to thank her for such a fresh, new idea. 


In all honesty I can't recall if Gabrielle and I decided upon dressing her in a festive Eastern Indian wardrobe or in traditional Harem girl attire. In my opinion, what she's wearing could swing both ways. Regardless, her portrait brings a sense of culture and piousness to the gallery and I can only hope the Hindu elephant deity Ganesha is smiling upon this image in satisfaction.


By the way, our bejeweled mistress Gabrielle is a native Milwaukian. It's not the most exciting burg in the world according to her, but it's been her home and she'll always love it. And to delve even deeper into the world of this divine diva:


Well, I love the water and I am at complete peace when I am near it or on it.  It is a peaceful serenity for me.

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream--the green kind the best.  LOL


I love new experiences which often happen through travel.  


I love my friends. They are family to me and I would do anything for them.
\And I love me. I always try to be true to myself.


Regarding the portrait, I chose the image because I love the elephants and their strength and the fact that they are wise and silent giants.  I have always seen myself as having that same kind of strength and I am so glad I went with that theme. It will forever remind me to call upon that strength and calmness in the eye of whatever storm comes my way. Les captured what I really want to convey in my life and in my endeavors.  It is like you could see right though me to my soul and inner self.
 Thanks for the insight Gabrielle. There's no better feeling than to know the portraits I'm creating for people have a deeper significance to them than what's apparent to us on the surface.


Eternal hugs and well-wishes Miss G, and I have to thank you again for bringing to the gallery that strength and serenity you touched upon. Maybe others will draw that same inspiration from your portrait

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