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Say hello to tonight's Toil Girl in the Spotlight Miss Donia. Donia's portrait was actually created quite a few years ago but, as awesome as her art is, it got caught up in a number of other portrait projects I must have been involved in at that time and lost its way to the Toil Girl Gallery. But here's Donia's portrait now in all of its bubblelicious beauty, detail and glory!

"To this day it's one of the best gifts I've ever received. The boyfriend who bought it for me is long gone, but he made me a Toil Girl and that's forever!"

Art usually does outlast relationships, but I'm glad that relationship was with someone who appreciated fun pinup art and knew you were worth his coin.

Donia, thank you so much for appreciating my work for so long--and sincerest apologies for the late entry into the gallery.

And, by the way, is this not the perfect time to showcase the color pink in the Toil Girl Gallery??

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Inducted 9/23

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