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With a fresh Spring breeze comes a mesmerizing beauty name Deirdre. As are the tall, lyrical trees and the serene blue waters of the river, Deirdre is one of the greater gifts of Mother Nature. And may I humbly say her corset and lace-up boots do a killer job of wrapping up that gift.


Who is this fair maiden that would have launched both Botero and Renoir into a seething fit of passion and competitive rage? I'll leave it up to the ever-so-eloquent Deirdre, herself, to tell you what lies beneath all that flesh and suede.


Interests? Spiritual studies which include tarot cards, runes, aura work and healing. Native American totem, energy exchanges, and religious studies. These are all a past time for me and a way for me to explore different spiritual options and feel connected.


My main work is divided between erotic modeling and giving spiritual and romantic advice over the telephone for an enterprise I began. I am fortunate that my interests and my work fit together nicely. I love sociology, psychology, feminism, sexology and spirituality, so it's all relevant. Toss in my new love of photography and computer photo programs, along with my prior occupation in the beauty industry. I get to use all of these skills for my self-made work. I love being my own boss and taking on new challenges. I love to break taboos--and do. This world is so filled with hatred and fear, and this is my way of giving an alternative image in a world of skinny, minimized women.


Other interests? Food, British mystery novels, really high heels, criminal science, my cat and art. Favorite artists? Andy Warhol, Rueben, Mark Hain, de Vinci, Judy Chicago and, well of course Les Toil (*blush*--L.T.)! And good conversation with smart, kind people.


My ambitions? Finding ways to continue to grow as a person spiritually, and encourage others to feel self love and personal empowerment. After all, when we love ourselves we spread it around!

Deirdre, dear, I'm exhausted just having read of all those interests and endeavors. Pour yourself another glass of Merlot and take a nap, dear! Your life is busting at the seams! In the mean time, thanks much for sharing your admirably abundant life with us.


Now, about the art. This locale is a conglomeration of a number of succulent scenes from an old photo book I recently found on New England. I don't think I did justice to the gorgeous streams New Hampshire has to offer, but maybe some day I'll take them on in an oil painting. I decided to place the sun somewhat behind Deirdre, that way its rays could bear down on her bountiful left thigh as well as help highlight the dramatic curves of her bod'. And don't lose sleep fretting about my having to draw each and every grass blade. I created a special brush that would execute a half a dozen blades at one time. I'd probably be still working on this piece if I hadn't created that brush, although I have to admit there's a great joy I have in rendering nature and all of its endless details. There ain't two of anything in nature that are the same, and I like that. :)


Dollface, thanks for supplying the wonderful curves. You've certainly helped reinforce the term "The Great Outdoors".


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