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Look at that. How can you not appreciate a woman who makes and brings a celebratory cake to her own Toil Girls Gallery swearing-in event?

I noticed that, consciously or unconsciously, I tend to put as much detail, perfection, and all-around love into a portrait as the clients shows in enthusiasm for having their portrait done. Well..... Deidre's portrait is undoubtedly a clear-cut testament to that.

The fullness of Deidre's art conveys the fullness of her as a person. Her personality....her heart...her warmth. And lest I forget to mention Deidre knows how to turn a phrase like a Jedi master in a mini skirt.


"My journey to radical self love brought me straight to the drawing desk of one Mr. Les Toil (Who I lovingly refer to as Lester Aloysius McToil). He fondly refers to me as the Wyatt Earp of the selfie...cuz I can whip that shitz out faster than Wyatt EVER whipped a gun out the dayum holster and I made him look at my bits and pieces from every angle...(I wanted it to be all me...not his idea of what I MIGHT be).

When the universe in all her infinite glory and wisdom set me down on paper to be touched by his hand my heart sang. He quickly went from commissioned portraitist to dear beloved friend. (To know him is to love him...that’s factsy facts). I didn’t want a traditional pinup girl look. Cuz I wanted this to be ME. I didn’t want fancy under garments and pin up girl shoes.. cuz although that’s sexy and fun that’s not inherently who I am. Who I am is a woman who likes to bake, finds pants and bras to be morally and ethically reprehensible and has a deep seeded need to wear shoes as little as possible cuz But most IMPORTANTLY (and this is what I think he captured the most) I am a woman who is no longer allowing body shame to rule my life and who can finally see my body for exactly what it is. The skin I am BLESSED to be IN during this magnificent journey we call LIFE. This commissioned portrait was a gift to me from me. The friendship of the artist, however, is a byproduct of this gift as well. And friendship, well, that simply cannot be commissioned.

Thank you.

L. A. M. You rocked my world.

Enjoy Big Girl Art. BE Big Girl Art.

Dee, your kindly words melted my heart like the butter you used to line that cake pan.


Inducted 9/19

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