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Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's--Wonderful Woman!!  But when she's not spreading her irresistable and dee-lightful charm to men, women and children--she's Dee the brand new Toil Girl in the spotlight!

As you guessed, Dee's alter ego is the world-beloved super-hero Wonder Woman--which works fantastically because her boyfriend Dave's alternative persona happens to be Superman! As a matter of fact Dee and I thought it would be a super idea to take individual portraits of both Dave and Dee and combined them into one large and monumental one! Or maybe the concept was to create one double portrait and then---eh, never mind. You get the idea.

Dee and Dave previously made Anchorage, Alaska their home and loved it so much that they wanted to pay homage to its beautiful sweeping vista by making it the backdrop of their portrait--a nightscape that also includes Alaska's breath-taking and distinct Aurora Borealis effect aka The Northern Lights. I hope to witness this amazing dance of lights in person some day, but, in the meantime,  I found great pleasure in attempting to reproduce the spectacle in Dee and Dave's portrait.

As a life-long comic book nut I can't help but to be thrilled to enter this dynamic piece in my Toil Girls gallery. Strength and an impenetrable self-esteem are what we are all about around here.

Hugs and thanks Dee!


Inducted 4/17

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