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What a lovely vision to come upon. Or maybe she's a beautiful and elegant dream. Let's call it a draw and define her as a living dream who goes by the name of Dee. She's this month's Toil Girl and, in my opinion, she falls in line quite nicely with the league of leggy lovelies that preceded her.


The dazzling Miss Dee provided the romantic concept and the radiant wardrobe reference for this piece, but it was my weekend getaway to Monterey, California that inspired Mother Nature's splendor that surrounds her. Those freaking blue spurges growing below and behind her are based upon a phenomenal plant called Pride of Madeirathat has a tendency to grow near the ocean. Monterey happens to be bustling with this majestic wonder--at least during the Spring when they're in full bloom. I can't tell you how happy I was when Dee gave me a concept that lent itself so perfectly to this eye-boggling blue flower.


But enough of this botany banter. Let's set our sights back on the lovely Dee and have her explain how this ethereal image came to be. 


I knew the first time I saw a Toil Girl, I wanted to be one. It took me a few years to get it all taken care of from the time I first spoke to Les about it. But, ya know, life got in the way.

I fell in love with his work, right from the start, and I knew that I wanted my portrait to be simple, yet classy. Being a true Southern Belle, I had to have the dress. I know it isn't the style worn to the ball, but it was beautiful to me.

I decided to do the portrait for my fiance, as a gift. Our favorite colors are green and purple - which brought out the green dress and Les' touch with the beautiful flowers. I loved the touch that he added and when he told me that he could take the flowers out - I remember thinking "Is he crazy? They are perfect!"

Thank you Les for such a gorgeous rendition of what many in this world see as an outcast. It is absolutely amazing!


And again, thank you, Dee, for having such a clear and distinct idea of what you envisioned. You've proven to be an extremely generous wife to a very lucky gent. I hope your portrait continues to bring you as many fond thoughts and memories as it does for me.


Happy holidays you and yours Dee! 



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