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Bonjour admirateurs de l'art! Today I present to you a mademoiselle of exquisite beauty and refinement. Her name is Debbie and the city of lights has just gotten a bit brighter.


Have I ever mentioned that I love a picture that tells a story? Well I do. The ones that tell a personal tale are my favorites because the obscure clues and props place in the image allow our imaginations to go wild. Well Debbie's tale may not be that complicated but the manner in which she described every single aspect of this scene to me let me know this was a place and moment that was extremely personal for her. She was an art director with a vision as clear as a crystal champagne flute. 


"\Literally, a dream come true! I have been a fan of Les Toil's art for years, ever since my husband introduced me to Les' gallery of beautiful women. I eagerly await each and every new portrait. These large and lovely ladies show me that being a bigger size is definitely sensual and sexy. But never did I believe that I could be a "Toil Girl" myself. Then, after a few years, I had a change of heart. Why not me? So with a large amount of courage, I asked my husband if he thought Les could work his magic on me--and to my surprise my husband hinted that he thought I might be a bit too old to be a Toil Girl! Well, that did it. I immediately fired off an email to Les asking his opinion. Les said:

'Your hubby is obviously not as up on my Toil Girl gallery as he should be. (Many of my models) are well beyond the 50 mark and their portraits are quite popular with the online art patrons....My gallery walls would be beyond ecstatic to have the likes of you adorning them.'

And then Les asked me my idea for my portrait. I explained that it was an actual dream that I had had many times. It was spring time in Paris. I was a "kept" woman. Someone whose only "job" was to look great on the arm of her man and to keep him happy. No cooking. No cleaning. No errands or children or pets or a 9-5 regular dreary job. I was a woman whose sole purpose was just to be adorable. My imaginary man wanted his woman plump and sweet, so there was champagne and delectable French pastries. I had to be dressed in one of Les' incredibly sexy lingerie ensembles - and it had to be pink. And then--voila! Les made my dreams come true! The portrait is amazing! It is just as it was in my dreams. It's really me and I am a "Toil Girl"!

I presented my wonderful framed portrait to my husband for our 29th wedding anniversary. Needless to say he was surprised. Somehow, though, he just couldn't remember saying that I was too old. He is VERY happy that he is married to a real "Toil Girl".

In a world obsessed with thinness, I can't thank Les enough for not only my portrait but for all of the other beautiful women in his gallery. My portrait hangs in our bedroom where every day it reminds me that I am large and lovely (even if I am over 50!).


Debbie, what an incredible honor it is to have my work play such a big part in yours and your husband's celebration of amour! And hearing that it's getting such regal treatment in your house is nothing but icing on the cupcake. I'm very, very flattered.


Thanks to the internet we now all have the ability to communicate with anyone in almost any corner of the world all at the push or a virtual button. People all over the planet can see my art--and I can see theirs...and hear their music...and read their stories...and see their faces. But maybe Debbie's portrait will inspire us to bring those people and those place to our finger tips. To travel beyond the confines of our monitor screens and smell and touch those fabled places. For me it would be standing in the Sistine Chapel and gazing upon the breathtaking creations of Michelangelo and his contemporaries. Such a scenario is part of what gives me my drive. It motivates me to try and earn enough money to make such a trip a reality, but also because I know that after I make that trip I'll be even more driven to turn blank white surfaces in to things to gaze upon and enjoy. I wish such dreams for EVERYone to come true. 


Thanks for the inspiring concept Debbie--and for the great write-up. 


Au Revoir!

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