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 Cheers mate!

I'll tell you right now if I lived in the same city as tonight's Toil Girl in the spotlight Deanne and her fiance' Chris I know for a fact I'd be twice as giddy and silly as I already am because I know we'd all be best chums constantly having a good laugh!

Working on the beautiful Deanne's portrait was a real hoot with a real hoot of a bloke who cracked non-stop jokes and even sent me a prank phone call (that's what I call a true buddy)! They live in a land called York. That's it--just York. Not Old York or New York--just York. And it's in England of course, hence all the British wordplay happening here.

How did we arrive at the theme of Lady Deanne's fanciful work of art? Why, from her biggest admirer Chris of course! In so many this was the dictation I received:


"Hi all! Gothic rock!! think royal purples and misty blues! Halloween! That's all part of Deanne's full rock hard fairies look!"

You got it guvnah! And with the colorful and whimsical array of photos of Deanne in her reverie of fairy outfits I knew I'd rock the pixie dust off of her portrait!

Truly fun project! Now we just have to convince Chris to commission me to create a matching portrait of him as wisecracking bearded Golem!

Hugs, thanks and cheers to such a brilliant couple!


Inducted 5/19

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