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It is with a strong sense of pride and a giddy sense of joy that I usher into the gallery tonight's belle of the ball. She's been a confidante, an extremely talented and generous ally in art...and a friend. Her name is Cuppa and the inspiration and camaraderie she's given me over the years has made the creation of this portrait a true pleasure. Welcome Cupski!


I'm sure you're curious to know what the motive is behind this particular theme, but beyond those flashy bumpers there's also quite a bit of Cuppa's heart and soul that the eye can't see. As is the case with many of my portraits, the image signifies more than a woman with a pretty smile. There's history--good and bad. The image can also serve as a reminder...of what they've survived...or the wonderful vision they see in their crystal ball. The art can signify triumph...defeat...or acceptance.


I’m Cuppa, on the inside and the outside.  The shape of my body does not determine who am. Unfortunately, it does influence my self-esteem. 


I grew up with the same all too familiar story...a chubby girl that had to wear plus-size clothes. A chubby girl that got picked last, made fun of and was self-conscious.
Adults that I looked up to and loved told me, “Well sis, you'll never be beautiful, but you can be smart if you study”. 

The times I was pregnant were highlights of my life because my stomach was supposed to stick out --plus it gave me the three best blessings of my life.
I'm still the “fat girl” in my circles, but I'm lucky because my husband loves me in spite of my size. He doesn't lie to me and say “Oh, I'm glad you are fat, I like fat better!” But he loves who I am, and he makes sure I know it every day.
Who am I ? I'm a Mother, a Grandmother, and a Wife.

I'm a repossession agent and I manage the office for a tow company and the repo company.
I also build web sites and do computer graphics. I love making tags and stats (computer stationary) with Toil Girls, and it is an honor to now be an official Toil Sister!
I wish I could say that I look in the mirror and like the body I see, but I don't. I do like the person I see though, that’s why I wanted Les to do a portrait of me. I wanted a portrait of the person I am proud to be, and Les has an amazing talent for making every woman beautiful. He's also a very dear friend. I can't thank you enough Les. 

Thank you, my Figgy, too, as this could not have been possible
without your help. Love you both...


And thank you for sharing your heart with us--with me, Figgy and with everyone who reads this.


I'm sure Cuppa knows I'm faaaaar from the only person on this planet that says they prefer a woman with a body fraught with breath-taking volume and dangerous curves over any type of body that Cosmopolitan Magazine deems as perfect. And those words of mine will be delivered with complete and passionate sincerity. If my portrait helped in any way for you to see that gorgeous woman with the dangerous curves that I saw from the photos you emailed me, then my job is done. :-)


Love to you, my friend.

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