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Hi all! Say hello to Cree our brand-new Toil Girl in the spotlight! Cree is a Toil Girl who has the knowledge and capability to save your life under some of the most harrowing circumstances! I'll tell you why!

This portrait was commissioned by the beautiful Cree's husband Keife. This generous gentleman knew exactly want he wanted me to convey in Cree's representation. Cree is soon to graduate from nurse practitioner school and this early present is one of his means of celebrating that awesome event. In addition to the lab coat, everything else present in the art is 100% Cree. The dress, the tower-high heels, and especially that Louis Vuiton bag!


With that said Cree, please don't hesitate to holler at me when the blessed day happens and hit me with a graduation photo so I can slap it on your official page here in the gallery. Always nice to infuse as much knowledge and class as we can get.

Hugs and thanks to Cree and my new buddy Keife. Y'all family here!



Inducted 3/19

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