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The colorful beauty standing in this field of colorful beauty is Corissa and tonight she's our Toil Girl in the spotlight.

From an artist's POV Corissa has some of the softest and most delicate feminine features I've ever had the pleasure of rendering. Her lips, her eyes, her cheekbones are like an angel out of a Florentine renaissance oil painting. As a fixture on the East Bay Californian punk scene she may not appreciate being told she has a gorgeous angelic kisser that could launch a million romance poems and love songs--but she has.  And, fortunately, she has eternally-changing hair color which makes it a breeze to match her up with ANY type of flower--and her choice of Delphinium was no exception.

Corissa and I are art nerds of a feather. She attended art school in San Francisco as I had (she the Art Institute, I the Art Academy), is a web designer, loves rockabilly attire-- and is even a comic book afficianado that hosts a comics-related podcast called Four Color Nerds with a few of her like-minded homies! Corissa is also the Mom of a darling l'il boy and she is terrified of sharks.

With all that said let's  now allow her to get back home and get out of her delicate ethereal evening wear and into something with a bit more bite for the streets.

Hugs and love for being such a boss subject matter and just one hellava bloomin' beauty Corissa.


Inducted 3/18

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