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Charlotte aka Chillhouse

Meet the daring and dynamic Chillhouse. As you can see, nothing is going to get in her way to be tonight's Toil Girl In The Spotlight.

Being a huge fan of monster movies--shlocky or otherwise--I jumped at the opportunity to revolve the saucy Miss Charlotte's pin-up portrait around one. But let's refer back to Charlotte herself for the complete history of this theme.

"My concept: I’m a Sci-Fi & Horror nerd. I’m a body positive and sex positive person. I don’t want to shy away from either. I’d like to do something with Star Trek somewhere in space and/or with a horrific tentacle monster that is up to no good. How ever far it’s placed on or near me, I want to have an awesome weapon included somewhere."


The tentacled part sounded crucial so I didn't hesitate to employ the above slime-ball as our beautiful space siren's foil.

And what about that badass moniker "Chillhouse"?

"Chillhouse is from Millhouse which is from The Simpsons. I’m thinking of taking the plunge to legally change my name. Haha!"


Personally, I'm all for it. I learned a long time ago Les Toil is a much cooler name than Brian Clarke--so go for it!

Date of Entry: 5/11/22

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