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Jessica Gagnon

Trust me when I tell you there is more to tonight's Toil Girl in the spotlight--Jessica Gagnon--than meets the eye. On the surface we see a beautiful confident woman. Beneath that is much more. Here's Jessica to explain the persona she wanted conveyed in her art.


"So concept is both pretty and powerful. I love being feminine and wearing make up and sequins or pin-up dresses but I also want to show I could still kick someone's ass in a battle like Maze in "Lucifer", Captain Marvel, or Rosa Diaz in "Brooklyn 99". In other words, pretty, strong women who will definitely win in a fight with the aid of brawn and strategic wit.

As far as attire is concerned, I'm happy to have skin showing and whatever outfit that conveys that I can and will kick ass if necessary."

Thanks for giving me a visual and personality base to "draw" from, Jessica. I hope I hit the mark with the finished art. And thank you also for helping to make the portrait gallery here an art palace of strength, confidence and beauty.


bbw art, classic pinup art, les toil, sexy art, pinup girl art,  gil elvgren art, george petty arft, antonio vargas art, Toil Girls

Inducted 6/22

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