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"I am a bellydancer, mental health therapist, Reiki Master, witchy woman, author--to name a few of the hats that I wear. "

If I couldn't represent all of those titles and abilities in one epic portrait I figured I'd at least attempt to capture Christine's enchanting and mystifying essence within it. Since her animal guides in life are a wolf, a cat and a raven, it seemed necessary to include them in the art. As a matter of fact, the cat featured in the portrait is her Main Coon named Sasha.


Oh, and the wolf. Well, the wolf is known as Lucien and he is one of the distinguished Ironwood Wolves. According to their website Ironwood Wolves is a small, USDA licensed educational facility that is currently home to four ambassador wolves, and two red foxes outside of the Columbus, Ohio area. Christine loves Lucien dearly and included the enclosed photograph of the two of them as reference material for her portrait.


That said, I'd like to extend a hug and a thanks to the beautiful Miss Christine for this exciting and evocative portrait theme. I was about to say how awesome it was that she wanted to go with such a spectacular fantasy scene--but then I thought to myself...maybe this represents a typical day in her life.


Inducted 1/17

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