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Well who do we have here but the ever-so-lively Miss Christine and her handsome 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic. Both are attractive additions to the Toil gallery of gams and glam so welcome them warmly.


Over the second half of 2004 I've come to know and love this Daytona Beach chopper mama, initially from working with her on the above project, and then via her popular "Luvin' Large Art" Yahoo Group where she keeps me and her other members up on all of the talented big girl artists world wide. If you even have a smidgen of an interest in seeing the voluptuous female form through the eyes of many many gifted artists (and I'm assuming you have SOME interest in big girl art or you wouldn't be here), then truck on over to her cyber digs and see what's happening in her overly-stuffed image gallery folders.


So back to Christine's loves and interests. She's had one particular interest that's lasted all of twenty years, that being her beloved husband Ivan. This union may have lasted so long because they don't have to fight over who gets to ride the steel hog each day since hubby has his own gorgeous 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic. Because Christine is rarely seen riding without Ivan (and we're talking on an everyday basis come rain or come shine), I guess it's safe to assume it's nothing but sheer love that keeps these two motor heads humming so melodiously down the highway of life.


Oh, and lest we forget to mention Christine and Ivan's two sweetest assets, their two lovely teenage daughters--one of which supposedly aspires for Toildom! If I stick around long enough I may end up rendering three generations of the Christine and Ivan clan.


Hey, here's some real Toil Girl history. Heck, this is an impressive tidbit for ANY history buff. When Christine's youngest daughter was about four years of age, Christine went back to college for motorcycle mechanics. Her class was the 21st graduating class and she had the honor of being the first woman to ever graduate. So imagine how proud I am to have her and her beloved bike hanging from my cyber gallery walls.


But you know what really makes me blush with glee? The fact that Christine turned her Toil pin-up into a real life Toil tattoo. It's still in production but here's the evidence thus far.

That's what I call taking one for the team. It's turning out pretty damn cool in my humble opinion. Rendering auto machinery on paper is hard enough. On skin? Forget about it.


Mama, I love you to pieces. Thanks immensely for having this level of confidence in my work.


PS: Since the writing of this page, the adoring Miss Christine started the official Les Toil Fan Club Yahoo Group by her little ol' self and it has blossomed into quite the bustling festival of frivolity with tons of club members. Come on and join the fun.



PPS: Stop the presses! August 2006! Toil Girls Christine and Amy have extended their frivolities beyond the Yahoo Toil Club all the way to Florida where the two damsels met and broke bread.


PPPS:  More recently the official Mama of all Toil Girls Miss Christine also met two more of her sisters of Toil--our car-crazy cutie Kristen as well as our curvaceous blonde bombshell Kelly (whose portrait has been retired).

Mama, I swear one day we will have a massive and magnificent Toil Girls gathering here at Toil manor--or maybe at your crib!!! We have to!!! I would make my life to have you pick me up at the airport on your badass bike! You ARE still riding, right?

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