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Ya know, it really does rock my socks sideways to have people from all corners of the globe drop me a line to praise my cheesecake queens, but the ultimate achievement is receiving Toil Girl commissions from them. Tonight we have such a client. Please curtsy or bow to tonight's sumptuous siren Cheryl who happens to hail from the United Kingdom.

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, the quickest way to a man's heart is by posing in lingerie in front of his dream car. In this case it was the fully-equipped Cheryl and a Ferrari F40. Sweet huh? Beauty and speed were a match made in Heaven although beauty is not to be admired in great haste.

The anatomy of THIS Toil Girl goes something like this:

I literally stumbled across Les's website one night while feeling very sorry about myself for being fat. My hubby Steve has always said that I’m big and beautiful, gorgeous and sexy, but I always considered him quite biased and a one-off! When I’d finished reading and viewing your site, I realised that Hubby wasn’t alone in his admiration of “larger ladies”! Hell, there was an Artist too! It definitely had an uplifting effect on my self-esteem, so much so that I joined Les's Yahoo Group where I’ve been ever since! I clicked on the “I Want To Be a Toil Girl” link to give Hubby a surprise 15th Wedding Anniversary present, his favourite super car (the Ferrari F40) with his sexy wife dressed teasingly and seductively in leather and lace. And because I wanted to be able to say “I’m a Toil Girl and proud to be a BBW!”, Hubby hasn’t stopped smiling about my portrait--it is on his desk!!

I just can't think of anything more flattering than having someone trust their hard-earned money (and not a small sum of money mind you!) on me to deliver what is intended to be a very important gift to their loved one. Thanks much for that trust Cheryl.

A little about Cheryl. Well, she was originally from Liverpool (that's Beatlesville to me) and moved to the North-West of England and eventually to a very small ex-mining town called Golborne in Cheshire. She was accompanied by her doting husband Steve, as well as her two boys Alex and Andrew. Cheryl is a voracious consumer of fantasy literature and cites David Eddings, David Gemmell & Marion Zimmer Bradley as truly fab wordsmiths. And by the way, England has dominated the world market of sci-fi/fantasy with maverick writers like J.G. Ballard and Douglas Adams, so I think it would be wise for us to make note of the three authors Cheryl threw our way.

Oh, and one other thing. Cheryl was bitten by the art bug at a young age just as I was. Yup, and she now takes all that aesthetic frustration out on her Paint Shop Pro program where she does awesome art in the form of flyers, website graphics and email images. And trust me, an email filled with nothin' but tiny little pixelated words just ain't cutting it these days. I've seen some mini masterpieces embedded in emails in the last few years.

Anyway Cheryl, have a tall glass of Guinness on me as a belated CONGRATS for you and Steve's wedding anniversary. Again, it's such a flattering compliment that you hired me for such an occasion. Gentlemanly smooches to your knuckles, Cher', for the kind gesture.

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