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Cool your engines down long enough to welcome tonight's latest tantalizing Toil Girl Cherie into The Spotlight.

Cherie very much wanted this portrait to be somewhat of a tribute to her dear Dad. First we have the 1937 Dodge Coupe which is the gorgeous classic car her father drove. Secondly, he sported a tattoo of a pin-up girl on his forearm which he got during his service in the Army and that's where my inspiration came from to design Cherie's portrait in a classic ink art style. Oh--and the hummingbirds and roses are a symbol of the things Cherie, herself, loves.

Cherie was very instrumental in the art direction of this piece and that type of participation from the client only makes my job easier. But, more importantly, it makes the content of the portrait that much more of a representation and reflection of who the client is and that is pretty much what a Toil Girl portrait is all about.

Cherie, thank you for sharing that million dollar smile with us here in our hallowed halls of heavenly honeys. Even if I forget to pay the electricity bill--your pearly whites will forever illuminate the gallery.



Inducted 11/17

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