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If tonight's Toil Girl looks familiar it may because that heavenly smile of hers has come to visit you in your dreams more times than you can remember, but it may also be because Cher is a gorgeous and familiar face on and off of the internet. Regardless, be a gent and open the door for the lady and introduce yourself.


Cher happens to be associated with celebrated Club Bouncewhich is aptly tagged "A place where style and size meet". The popularity of this size-accepting party place reached the attention of television's chrome-domed pop shrink Dr. Phil who called upon Cher and Club Bounce founder Lisa Marie to wax impassionately about the state of fat acceptance on his program.


Other undertakings that Cher's involved in include fashion for the extra curvy, an informative and thriving online newspaper, a dating service, a dating advice service, and (yes, there's more) a Cable TV program called The Big Girl Show.


Good lord, just typing all that makes me want to take a power nap! But in all sincerity, Cher is a walking, talking testament that life is short so make it a fun and memorable one. But right now I'm going to leave it to our zestfull hostess to describe in her own words not only why she chose this particular theme for her portrait but also what makes her tick.


I love "Chanel". Their perfume, purses, jewelry and shoes, so I wanted a portrait that showed
some of the things I like. I consider myself a classy girl who likes nice things, but they are certainly not a must, just a luxury which I am lucky to have. 


My career is helping others and it is what makes me happy. I love the ocean and my chocolate lab Ruby! The only thing that makes me sad is when people are mean to others, which to me is such a negative waste of energy.


Thanks much bejeweled one. And considering the fact your portrait features a Chanel purse, earrings, necklace, bracelet and glasses, one of us needs to talk to them about garnering some royalties for all this advertising. Better yet, they need to start embracing the plus-size community for its buying power by hiring models with more realistic curves.


Drive safely, Cher, and don't forget to hug those curves snugly.




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