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One might assume that the beautiful work of nature holding the microphone above is name Pearl--but she's not. Meet the one, the only, the wonderful Chandra. 


The creative starting point of this portrait's theme was on Chandra's back. On it lies a gorgeous tattoo that explodes with some pretty cool stuff, and it's from that graphic that we decided to design a classic piece of tattoo art as her portrait. I was also inspired by the fact that she's a full time-working single mom AND student, so my objective was to convey her undeniable goddessness while looking bad ass all the while. And by the way, Chandra is all of five feet, eleven inches. This girl was made to stand tall on Mount Olympus!


The elements in the portrait that represent positive forces in her life include the microphone (she loves jazz and she's a swanky torch singer herself), her attire (she digs burlesque and has dressed aptly for the camera herself), and her two favorite details in the art, the pink rose and the purple butterfly which represent her two kids. 


Oh, and those bubbles have more to do with champagne than they do with life under water. But they also have the world to do with Chandra's fondness for huge bubble baths--which is something yours truly is addicted to as well. I once ruined an iPod Touch by trying to incorporate it into my bathing experience. I'm just happy I can't afford a waterproof DVD player. I'd never get any work done.


And by the way...


"To me being a Toil Girl has become synonymous with being large and confidant as a woman. Women that want to hide there bodies in shame and scorn generally don't become Toil Girls--unless the art is a part of their journey towards self-confidence. I wanted a piece that would remind me that no matter what size I am, there is beauty and sensuality within me, that shows outwardly. It was my way of saying, 'Here I am world, deal with it!'"


If I had the time, I'd add a banner on her portrait that says those very words. Or better yet, it would read "Here I am world, don't ya love it?!" . :-) 


Thanks for associating those great and powerful words of womanhood with my Toil Girl art, Chandra, although when all is said and done, it takes the individual alone to live up to those positive things--and you certainly have. 





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