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This fantastic piece is not just a celebration of my body, my curves, my shape, and the beauty of my natural body (although it absolutely is), it is also a tribute to my story (the one lived and the one yet to be written). Les was able to do what I only imagined could happen--he portrayed me in art exactly as I am inside--a woman moving forward...leaving the hurt behind...freeing herself from the loss...striding into the future...taking risks...and daring to be herself. I wanted something powerfully feminine with a mysteriously romantic feel. He captured my strength and my vulnerability. 


This is me and I am fierce!


Tonight's siren in the spotlight is the beautiful Miss Catherine and she was quite excited to find out the debut of her portrait in the Toil gallery happens in the month of July. I can't believe I didn't realize how auspicious the timing was. As Catherine pointed out to me, this is the month of celebrating independence and that is the embodiment of her portrait. Walking away from emotional shackles and other oppressions of the body and soul and into the light of a promising and bold new path.


Catherine came up with one of the most original and evocative portrait concepts I've ever executed. There's nothing I enjoy more than putting a new and confrontational twist on an old concept such as cheesecake art. The lighter in Catherine's hand lets us know she is undeniably the igniter of that blaze that sent the ashes of her past into the wind. And further kudos to Catherine for the equally enthralling black leather boots/red lingerie combo. I like, I like.


Let me also take a moment to say Catherine's is yet another name on a list of clients who made this aesthetic experience a fun and friendly one. In my opinion her radiant smile reveals her true essence more so than the smoldering wreck she's left in her wake. But of course we all possess a dichotomy of selves, do we not? And as she said, she is fierce!


Thanks and heat-seeking hugs to you Catherine.




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