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Camryn Manheim


In early 2001 I decided to do a portrait of that multi-talented actress of stage, screen and television Ms. Camryn Manheim. In addition to the portrait art I sent her, I also included custom prints of four Toil Girls. What I received in response from Ms. Manheim was a package of pure goodness that left a grin on my face a mile wide.T'was truly a pleasure and honor to have received kudos for my artwork from one who has conquered all aspects of acting not to mention dipping deeply and successfully into being an author (a best-selling one at that), a model, a producer and a mom. Not only is Miss Manheim is an illuminating star in the eyes of fat girls galaxy-wide, but she's an inspiration to myself for the confidence her skills and beauty exude in all of the different media she's conquered.In addition to this awesome autographed photo she sent me (with an authentic Cammy fingerprint which she so whimsically pointed out with a yellow sticky), she included some incredibly kind words hand-written on her personalized stationary no less!

Being the life-long motorcycle babe she's famously known away from the camera as, I saw the cowgirl backdrop as an obvious setting for Camryn's portrait. I've always believed that bikers are today's nomadic cowboys/girls forever riding their metaphorical steel horses into the sunset.


Happy trails to you, Ms. Manheim, and enough "thank yous" to fill the Grand Canyon for taking the time out of her break-neck schedule to bestow upon your humble host such flattering words and such a kindly gift.


For a complete list of all of Camryn Manheim's accomplishments as well as up-to-the-minute updates, please visit her official site at .

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