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For all of you unenlightened to the term, 23 Skidoo was a term that originated back in the roaring 20s and was popularized during the flapper fashion and dance craze. As wikipedia states, "23 Skidoo is perhaps the first truly national fad expression and one of the most popular fad expressions to appear in the U.S.". They also go on to explain what the term means. "It generally refers to leaving quickly. Being forced to leave quickly by someone else or taking advantage of a propitious opportunity to leave, that is, getting [out] while the getting's good."

23 Skidoo might not seem to be the most fitting expression to be used in reference to tonight's brand newest Toil Girl Beverly because she actual doesplan on sticking around until the last song has finished. But trust me, when that happens, she'll 23 Skidoo to the very next club to continue dancing the night away. 

My experience working on this portrait with Beverly will forever remain one of my fondest and most memorable ones. She was as pleasant, gracious and zesty as logenberry syrup poured on french toast. She appeared to be a tad timid at first in expressing how she wanted to be portrayed in her art, but after we began bouncing ideas off of each other, her original concept of being a 1920s dance hall flapper girl was headed for full development.

The lovely and animated Beverly happened upon my art way back in the Windows 95 days by means of an email tag* she received. "Where did that beautiful BBW come from?" she pondered. Fortunately, she found out from the sender of the email who the responsible party was. :)

" I wanted to be a Toil Girl that day. I also wanted to learn how to make those tags with Les' art! Now all these years later-- I am making those tags! With animations also! Les' art still takes my breath away!"

"Now, I am a Toil Girl...That is the most wonderful thing in my life. Not many ladies have been drawn by artists, - but I have been. Over the years I considered many images that I would want to be, but I would always go back to the 1920's and the Flapper. Those women loved to dance - and dance they did! Yes, I love to dance! I envisioned the portrait to be--just like it is! Yes, I wanted the red dress, the sparkles, and the leg kicking up." 

"Thank you Les, for seeing what I had been envisioning all these years. But I never thought I was so pretty!"

We also have our first review of this portrait from the mom of our fabulous flapper. Beverly's mother Doris writes, "Les did a splendid job at showing my daughter just how beautiful she is. Beverly, never really knew -- but she has a beauty that is rare to find. An inner beauty that is so giving along with an outer beauty and smile that lights up my life. Thank you, Les, for showing my daughter how lovely she is. "

Well, I have to admit that smiling kisser of hers has brought a bit of luminosity to my life as well, Doris. Maybe one day I'll have the pleasure of meeting both of you and we can Madison our way from one end of the dance hall to the other. In the mean time I'll settle for sending a virtual sugar bear hug to Beverly for being responsible for one of the most original Toil portraits in the gallery. :)

23 Skidoo!!



* Tags are graphics created by Paint Shop Pro artists exclusively for internet usage.

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