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Tonight I want to welcome yet another exceptionally special lady into the Toil Girl fold. Her name is Becca. She's a very talented writer and it's her scribe skills that directed every stroke of my pencil and brush. The request Becca sent me was to visualize a particular paragraph from a story she had written. Absolutely everything I needed to know about creating this portrait was contained in this body of words:

"A feral fire grew in him as he watched her sensual movements. Her hair danced in the firelight, the red strands that had always brightened her mahogany locks in sunlight, made her head look as if it was ablaze. Her long robe ebbed and flowed around her, it looked like the night sky, a nebula moving with her. One moment it would reveal all of the curves he hungered for, and then in the next moment disguise her against the dark forest beyond her. She danced lost in the beat of the drums, eyes slightly open to expose silvery depths that glowed in the firelight."

I swear this harkens back to the good ol’ when I was a busy commercial illustrator and the art director would send me a chapter from a book or a paragraph out of an article and tell me to come up with an image representative of the content. I love working that way! It gives me tight direction but it also gives me freedom to convey my vision.

Great writing talent aside, Becca is one of the most giving women I've had the pleasure of creating work for. She's full of exciting encouragement and inspiration for my art, but she's also full of kindness as one new friend to another. Nothing but a joy to work with.



Inducted 4/20

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