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Make way for this moxy mama. Her name is Audrey and her little homegirl with the pink mohawk is Jett.

When I asked Audrey if she had a theme in mind for her portrait she immediately emailed back "I was thinking Jett and I walking away badass style from an explosion! 💥😎".

As a life-long movie fan I couldn't have been more enthusiastic to do her portrait up Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez style; boots, torn jeans, leather jacket--the whole nine. Who Audrey sought revenge upon is left to your own imagination but I just knew I had to go beyond my artistic powers to not piss her off with a mediocre portrait.  Fortunately she exploded with joy and satisfaction like a keg of TNT and Skittles.

Thanks for the kickass concept Audrey and paw bump my shorty Jett for me.

Date of Entry

Date of Entry

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