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April Miller


Hi everyone. I'm April and I'm a Toilaholic :)  


I could tell you I'm gorgeous, intelligent, unique and fun--but what's the point? Beauty is truly defined on the inside. Intelligence is interpreted differently by different people. Everyone claims the words of uniqueness, but that causes everyone to be the same. And fun is simply an adjective used to describe how you felt at the time. So, to be quite honest, I'm simply a woman who is twenty-five and am still trying to figure out life. 


I have a wonderful family who I can always count on to be there for me no matter what. I love hosting a girls night with my friends, playing bingo, and shopping. But my idea of a perfect night is just relaxing at home with my husband, step daughter and our dog watching a movie or playing Guitar Hero.


I stumbled across Les's website quite a few years ago and have wanted to be a Toil Girl ever since. Over the summer I finally had an opportunity to be a Toil Girl but wasn't really sure of the direction I wanted to go in for a theme. However, there were two things that were important to me. First, the theme had to be something that I would love just as much now as I would fifty-plus years from now. Second, I wanted the theme to be something Les had never done before. My husband had suggested a Viking goddess, and being a Norwegian from Minnesota and a huge MN Vikings fan--I loved it! 

When I had originally emailed the idea to Les I said I was looking for a "strong sexy Viking goddess (complete with the funny-looking hat), maybe even a big Norwegian viking ship in the background". I could have never imagined he would come up with something as beautiful as he did. Thank you so much for your hard work, Les. I will truly enjoy this art for years to come.


April, thank you for approaching me with your husband's excellent idea. I enjoyed taking on the challenge of a new theme as much as you enjoyed giving it to me. Although I get equal pleasure trying to give a new twist to any of the old classic fail-safe pin-up themes. 

And by the way, April's portrait was another great exercise in texture. Texture of the leather, texture of the fur, texture of the melting snow. And I also had to be mindful to not color April's skin as if she's surrounded by warm sunshine and bright colors--but also being conscious to not color her like a frozen Mackerel. In all honesty, April would remain gorgeous in the very worst weather.

There's no doubt April's portrait will be pillaging the hearts of many love-sick men (mainly her husband's) here in my gallery for quite a few years to come.





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