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Anne Marie


What a wonderful October evening! The living dead are frolicking through the boggy mist and the wolves are baying at the bright full moon. But enough of this monster mayhem, let's get out of the dark damp night and warm ourselves in front of this inviting red hearth. What's cookin' in that cauldron is anyone's guess, but based upon those ingredients (Gecko Liver Pate, Sauteed Eye of Newt...) I seriously doubt the entree will be as fetching as the lovely sorceress that's serving it.


Meet Anne Marie! This engaging enchantress comes compliments of her loving husband who gifted this portrait to her as a token of his love and devotion. I can't imagine a more germane month of the year to usher Anne Marie's portrait into the gallery than October. In actuality it's Anne Marie's great fondness for the Broadway musical "Wicked" that's responsible for the concept of her art and not some personal Wiccan association. And she was specific about the kitchen having a fantasy-retro goth look to it, so I didn't hesitate to rifle through my library of old home decoration books for the right source material. And the bedeviled dog was inspired by Anne Marie's sister's cute little Corgi pooch. All-in-all I'd say this piece was a spooktacular success.


May all the young goblins and ghouls gleefully galavant through the grave yards knowing that this bewitching beauty is brewing up enough bubbling green nourishment for all. And may our dear hostess and her genial hubby know my gratitude is genuine when I say thanks for such a fun concept to render and display in my gallery. 


Happy Halloween all!!

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