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If you want to give a warm welcome to tonight's pin-up pretty, you'll have to spend a few extra dimes to do so. The shagalicious lady is Angie and if the flag she's wrapped in doesn't give you a strong enough hint that she hails from beyond the North Atlantic pond, then there's a sure bet you're not an employee of Scotland Yard, Sherlock.


More about Angie? I knew you'd ask. Well, she was born in the North-East of England and moved to Nottingham (the Midlands of the U.K.) where she met and married her doting husband Tony. Together they are responsible for five lovely young ones that they adore immensely. Angie, like the Les Man, happens to be a collector of sorts. Since There's not enough time to list all the things that make me feel all warm and giddy, I can at least tell you that Angie enjoys collecting jigsaw puzzles and teapots (just like me very own mum!). But her favorite hobby involves something ya won't find in some dusty old antique shop, and that is making gorgeous graphics for her online comrades with the aid of her Paint Shop Pro computer art program. PSP hobbyists are an ever-growing legion on the internet that surely must number in the millions by now. It's a bloomin' revolution I tell ya, and it's fueled by sheer creativity. 


Because Angie does have an aesthetic eye, she knew exactly what the theme of her art should be and even went to the extent of posing for the portrait by draping herself in an actual Union Jack. The go-go outfit was my own invention, so fellahs, don't bother digging through my garbage cans looking for discarded reference photos.


As to why Miss Angie wanted to be Toiled, I think it's best we allow her to explain:


After having part of my breast removed I was feeling very low . My hubby said he would pay for me to have my portrait done which I wasn't sure about but thought, what the hell, and contacted Les with a rough idea of what I wanted. He hit the spot with the portrait. The boost to my confidence was enormous and I am proud to have the portrait hanging on my living room wall for all the world to see. Les has helped me feel beautiful again.


If it's not the greatest rush in the world to draw big, beautiful women on a regular basis, than receiving feedback like that certainly is. 


I sincerely can't thank you enough for those words, Angie. And thank you also for approaching me with such a sweeeet and groovy pin-up concept. 


Jump into your Shaguar and ride off into the night, love.




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