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Put out the spotlights, one and all,
And let the feelin'get down to your soul.
The music's so loud, you can hear the sound
Reaching for the sky, churnin' up the ground.
You find you're dancin' on the number 9 cloud.
Put your hands together now, and sing it out loud.


It's all part of my rock and roll fantasy.
It's all part of my rock and roll dream.
It's all part of my rock and roll fantasy.
It's all part of my rock and roll dream.


Many of us have enjoyed rock and roll fantasies all of our lives and the above portrait of tonight's Toil Girl might be a vivid recollection of the kind you've had before: an exotic locale adorned by a triple waterfall, shimmering blue water, a killer electric guitar, and a beautiful woman with her feet in the warm foam. 


Makes you want to murder your alarm clock, doesn't it?


Say hello to Angel. A lovely lass with a heart and soul deeply immersed in the spirit of rock and roll. As an artist, my intention was to give the impression our lovely subject Angel is the one lost in a rock and roll fantasy as the waves caress her body and the sun kisses her skin. Of course that couldn't have happened if she hadn't brought this opulent and detailed concept to me. 


The concept for my portrait came from my love of music (especially rock 'n' roll!) and my passion for guitars. Although I don't play yet due to lack of funds for a left-handed guitar, (I'm actually a singer) I had Les include a left-handed one I have had my eye on for a while. I also have a great love for the beauty of nature and I love water so when Les drew up the concept sketch with the waterfall in the background it really spoke to my soul. Although I actually have six tattoos, I only had Les include my favorite one, the one on my wrist. The ankh around my neck represents my spirituality which is a huge part of who I am.


Angel joins a very short list of women who have posed in person for their Toil portrait. She and her best friend made the hour-long drive from her home town of Sacramento, Ca to the Bay Area and met me at the Berkeley Pier. After we found a tiny spot of beach, Angel was a real trooper and got her toes as close to the freezing water as she could as the powerful wind fed us sand particles coming from every direction. She then climbed barefoot back up a short distance of huge, wet boulders to the sanctuary of her car. But hopefully you'll agree the girl's struggle was worth all of her effort.


As I mentioned before, Angel was born and raised in California's capitol city of Sacramento although marriage found her in Lawton, Oklahoma for eight years which was where her husband was stationed during his stint in the Army. After twelve years of heartache and seeing her self-confidence go down the garbage disposal, Angel got a divorce and set on a trek to rediscover the beautiful angel that lay dormant for all those years. With the help of a group of affable and caring BBW she met one night who ran a website called BBWLive, Angel blossomed with a wingspan even more impressive than ever before. Her affiliation with this group lead to her buying her first computer and the internet uncovered a wondrous world filled with sexy and confident women and the people that love, lust, admire and respect them. 


So my thanks goes out to the lovely ladies that took Angel under their wings because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have had the honor of bringing Angel and her beautiful vision to paper and pixel. Although the biggest embrace goes to my friend Angel for all of the obvious reasons.


Rock on, baby.



"Rock and Roll Fantasy" performed by Bad Company, lyrics by Paul Rodgers

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