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Welcome back patrons of the pretty and leerers of the lovely! I consider it a great honor to introduce the world to our Toil Girl of the evening, the ever-adorable Miss Amy.


In her minty green plush trappings, she's amiably anguishing over the right words that best express her feelings of love to husband Tommie. As a matter of fact, Amy has been an avid letter writer since the age of twelve when she first began making pen pals, many of which lived far beyond our red, white and blue shores. At one point she was maintaining literary liaisons with fifty people! One would assume it would have been her spine-weary mailman that found the way to Amy's heart, but it was that sweet grinning chap on her nightstand that won her affections in the end. Not so ironically, she met Tommie on the internet, where the written word tells infinitely more about a person than a bleary, outdated jpeg. And by the way, the Tomster is the closest thing I've ever gotten to placing a male in a Toil Girl portrait and will probably remain so for a while. :)


Among the many beautiful things that bloomed from Amy and Tommie's six year matrimonial union is their dashing kitty Forrest, who was named after Mr. Gump because of the bashful feline's propensity to "Run, Forrest! Run!" every time a visitor would enter their home. She may be a coy little ball of fur, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is under the impression this portrait was made for her since I did happen to place her in the foreground. But as of this writing, dear Forrest is suddenly having to share the limelight with a new addition to the household, a part-Siamese young feline name Neko (that's Japanese for cat, but for Forrest in means food and sofa snatcher).


So to Amy and the entire clan, may I thank you for yet another classic pin-up concept which was designed with the client's very own personal touch, which is how I prefer my portraits to be created.




A meeting of the ma'ams! Toil Girls Amy and Christine break bread together in Florida in August of 2006.



And here's our social butterfly helping Toil Girl Krystel Marshall celebrate her birthday in 2009.



And looky here! During the Summer of '09 I, too, had the great fortune of opening the doors of  Toil Manors to meet.The Secretary of Toil Affairs! Amy AND her beloved husband Tommie (see above portrait) paid me and Ava a nice sunny day visit. Ignore the cheap plug for my graphic novel.



And yes, your eyes do not deceive. That's yet another Toil Girl who came to join the party. Angel was dear enough to travel from Sacramento to the Bay Area to attend Amy's little meet-up. I provided fried chicken. Amy showed us her gifts from China Town in San Francisco. And Angel entertained us with videos of her rock band. They're both as personable as they are cute.



(This space available for future meet-ups between Amy and other Toil Girls) 

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