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This lovely maiden finding her way through this misty forest dappled with ribbons of sun happens to be Alex-- this month's Toil Girl in The Spotlight.

Alex contacted me and expressed a bit of frustration she was having being a devout fan of the television series "Wheel of Time" and having her fan club avatar represent her as a character from the sweeping saga--but not having that avatar represent her actual body type. A frustration she held for fifteen years.

My response to Alex: "Enough said."

In her email Alex included a jpeg of the beautiful work of art she had been using as her representation within the Wheel of Time community for fifteen years. She requested I be inspired by the included image but not reproduce the image as that would be a disrespect and infringement upon the talented person responsible for the original art. Sending her a virtual hug for "having the backs" of us artists, I went forth and had a whoopy good time placing Alex in that enchanted environment.

Alex, nothing but thanks for employing my humble skills for such an important and beloved aspect of your life. What a compliment to me.

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Inducted 12/22

Classic pinup art

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