...to the official Les Toil Big, Beautiful Pin-Up Gallery!

This is the very first day of the year 2006 and this not only proclaims the launching of my brand-new revamped art gallery, but it marks the eight years that I've joyously toiled from sun-up till sundown to bring you these well-proportioned works of bountiful beauty in thee most refined and vivid of fashions. I've been rendering these portraits for well over half a decade now and the thrill and gratification of hanging a new curvaceous creation on my cyber gallery walls hasn't diminished one iota. But please be mindful the real attraction of this posh affair are the living, breathing Venus DeMilos that I have depicted in my portraits. These women are all superstars in the simplest definition of the term and it's their beauty and personality that provide the fuel for my artistic flame. Without them each pin-up wouldn't have its own distinct appeal.

Great efforts have been taken to assure that your visit here will be a memorable one. Absolutely no pop-up windows or midis of "Wind Beneath My Wings" will interfere with your art viewing pleasure. Also, rest easy the only frames you'll see in this gallery will be the ones holding the art to the walls.

If you smell fresh wall paint coming from the west wing of the gallery, it's because we have added a brand new feature. I'm referring to our exciting new Toil Shop where everything from custom prints to sketch books will be in stock. And keep checking in because the midnight elves will be tinkering away at more sweet items.

And lest we forget about that countrified cutey that's stolen all of our hearts and wrapped them up in magnolia petals and bacon fat. She's that phenomenon from the past that only serves to prove I was far from the first to fluff up America's pin-up queens to abundant sizes. Needless to say I'm referring to the one and only Hilda by Duane Bryers. But here's some earth-shaking news that even you long time Hilda heads will gush over. I had the esteemed and very rare honor of conducting an in-depth interview with the brilliant Mr. Bryers and I'm presenting it to you here and now on my Hilda site. This is the only online interview with Duane Bryers that I know of and there's no questioning that it's the only one that concentrates on his Hilda output. No doubt you will enjoy.

FYI, all of the most recent Toil Girl portraits will enter the gallery via the Toil Girl Spotlight exhibit. From there they will be transferred to either of the two main exhibit halls where they will forever proudly display alongside the other works of wow.

Before you enter the gallery, I only ask of you two things, that you refrain from touching the art, and that you consult the terms of permission page before you remove any of the art or graphics from this gallery for your own professional or personal purposes. I love the idea that art hobbyists are finding new ways of showcasing the beauty of my Toil cuties and it's great that they're discovering new heights of their creativity through my art.

With that said, may we direct you to the imported Slovakian sushi, kumquat moshi balls, Icelandic flounder pate and grape leaf clove cigarettes presently being served in the lobby. And anyone caught stashing hors deurves in their purse or down their trousers will be immediately charged for each item.

Oh, and anyone heard referring to the art as "cartoons" will immedi-ately be shown to the door by the gallery's chief of security Nunzio.

Enjoy the show.

A Special Thanks

goes to my lovely and loving girlfriend Ava for posing for darn-near every Toil portrait created since early 2006. I really couldn't have rendered these works of art so effectively without her. She helps to make the creative process that much more enjoyable.

Come have a blast at the Official Toil Girls Fan Club. Lots of exclusive art not found in the gallery, as well as a monthly Toil Girl Spotlight email announcement, not to mention sheer joy and pandemonium.

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