Zaftig Magazine

In a nutshell, we have legendary writer/editor/publisher/historian/eroticist Hanne Blank and her equally esteemed right hand girl wonder Elizabeth Tamny. Some cozy little nutshell to be in, no? And by the way, is it my imagination or did Hanne's intro have more slashes than Johnny Rotten's first stage wardrobe?

Well, to crack that shell a bit wider, Ms. Blank called upon me to decorate the cover of the very last issue of her Zaftig Magazine. Some honor for sure. Since it's release, I've dog-eared my girlfriend's copy of Hanne's popular book Big Big Love (and no, smart butt, it's not that I'm a slow reader, it's just that this collection of smoldering literature Hanne has edited serves nicely as a resource guide to getting your groove on), so you can imagine how giddy I was when I was presented the assignment. How bittersweet that my art would mark the passing of this "well rounded" and respected 'zine.

I can wax eternally about the many vocational wigs this plump wonder woman wears, but there's way too many interviews with her floating around cyberspace that would do a better job of that. I personally can boast I've shared a joke or four with the illuminous Ms. B and have no qualms at all about exploiting my newfound friendship with her on my professional and social resume. You best believe I'll whip out this piece of art to the doorman at Sardy's if the line is too long.

Elizabeth "Liz" Tamny can do the same amount of damage with a drafting board that Hanne can do with a keyboard. Liz is the busy blonde babe that is responsible for the entire production of the historical Zaftig Magazine, and it was her that concocted the theme of the cover. Since she's an artist/illustrator in her own right, we spoke the same lingo making the whole operation a real ease. Her directions and a bunch of old communist revolution posters were all I needed for the job.

As a quick update, Liz has shifted her creative energy towards journalistic writing and it's the famous periodical the Chicago Reader that she has considered home for many a year. Ya know that phone sex girl art featured in my second exhibit hall? Well guess who was responsible for that appearing on the Reader's cover?

Hanne, Liz, it was a sheer joy joining forces in your solidarity. Comrades! To arms--AND legs!

Date of entry: 7/02