Hi gang. Not much to say about Marlina other than the real life version of her is to melt for. I would say more about this bountiful maiden , but since I was hired some time ago by a dear, sweet webmistress to immortoilize her, I never got a chance to get to know who I was putting to ink. The pertinent stats the webmistress did share with me about Marlina are that she loves the great outdoors, and she has a fondness for our winged mythical friends the fairies.

In closing, you'll have to excuse me as I conjure up the spirit of the great nymph and gnome artist Maxfield Parrish and apologize for this humble attempt at paying him homage.

Marlina, if you're out there, prove to me you're not a mythical creature by dropping me a line.

Post script: It's been five years since I did this portrait and I've still yet to hear from the subject of what may arguably be my most popular portrait. My heartfelt sentiments can be expressed in one simple smiley icon.


Date of entry: 05/00ntry: 07/00