Who better to tell the astonishing tale of Demisis then the mystifying vamp goddess herself?

I am to tell you the story of how I today hold the power of eternity in my veins. I will tell you now that I am not immortal. At least not in the flesh. I am forever, but it is a very long story, and so I shall tell you.


I, in this lifetime, did not receive the trick (or "gift" as it is also refered to) in any romantic, seductive or even loving way. I received the gift by a blood transfusion. I was young, and had gone to the hospital for major surgery. After I awoke from the procedure, I felt so different...I felt like I was whole. As if I had been missing a part of me. From the dark corners of my room a voice spoke to me and called me goddess. I was not frightened, but bewildered as to what was happening. The dark shadow moved toward my bed, and as the moonlight from the window touched it, I could see it as a man of fair skin and dark clothes. He grabbed my hand, knelt, and kissed my hand. Again calling me goddess. I asked him whom he was and what was he doing here, and what was happening to me. He again kissed my hand and I felt the sharp piercing of his teeth breaking the flesh. I could feel blood dripping from his tongue, which he had cut, onto my hand. Then as he did run his tongue over the wounds I began to see visions of me in former lives, and I then remembered who I was.


I had grown up in Egypt. I was set to marry the son of the Pharaoh. On the very day of our engagement ceremony the Prince fell ill. This was looked on as a bad sign as the ceremony was to ask for the blessings of the gods. The whole kingdom was is dismay over the sick Prince who had fallen into a coma. For many nights I stayed at his bedside, knowing the prince was the only son of the Pharaoh, I prayed night and day to the gods for his recovery. One night as I pray at his bedside. The lights dimmed and a strange deep voice spoke to me. Echoing in the room, off the walls and ringing through the fixtures, I was asked a simple question. What was I willing to do to save the Prince. I never answered the question. It knew I would give my very life.

I sat with this man that came to me in the Prince's room, as he told me his story. This man whom I assumed at the time was a god in human form. His story is not important now. But what is important is why he came to me. He had lived for many centuries, but he now wanted to try to end his life. And he had been watching me for many years now, and had chosen me to take his power. He said it was because I possessed a "fiery soul" and he knew I could withstand forever. But I had to consent, and saving the prince was what would convince me and seal my fate. I agreed, and I watched as this man walked toward my Prince, my future husband, my friend. He caressed his cheek ever so gently, raised his hand and placed gentle kisses on it. Then in a quick flash he ripped his wrist open with his sharp teeth that had gone unrecognized until this moment. I ran to stop the horror I saw, but with one quick raise of his arm I flew back across the room. I lay in shock on the floor as I saw this man drink blood from my Prince. And thought to myself that he is not going to save him, he is going to kill him. But at that moment he released him, and bit into his own wrist. First dripping a few drops of his blood onto my Prince's slashed wrist. Before my eyes the wound healed. The man then held his bleeding wrist over my Prince's mouth and dripped blood into it. I couldn't believe my eyes. I could see the Prince stir for the first time in days. I could see strength and health return to his body like a blanket uncovering him. But he still slept. Only a god could perform such healing, and I heard a name escape my lips..."Ra." The man broke into a somber laugh. He walked toward me , gently pulling me up and took me into his arms. He said to me, "Not quite Ra my dear. But you are about to become a goddess. An eternal Goddess"

Of course the exchange of blood was everything you have ever heard it to be. Seductive, intoxicating, powerful, erotic. Everything was a new experience. He held me so tenderly in his arms, caressing my hair as I drank from him. It even seemed he cried. And through the blood exchange I learned exactly what my fate was to be. I would live one life at a time. Drinking blood would become a necessity at the same age in every lifetime, the age I was when I first received "the gift." I was to make fledglings I could trust to "reawaken" me each lifetime. I also learned that this man that had watched me and waited for me for years, unbeknown to me, loved me. and I loved him back, as I lay there in his arms.

He left me that night barely a walking corpse. I begged him not to leave me. But he rushed out of the room, with tears in his eyes. And I knew why, he feared if he stayed he would never leave, for he did love me so. I cried and moaned after he left until I drifted into sleep. I don't know what happened to him. Somehow he must have destroyed himself. I don't know how, nor do I really care to know. It is a painful memory. I hate to think what we could have done together. But that evening I awoke to the sound of chants and prayers of joy. I looked up from my slumber to see the Prince's servants on their knees in joyous celebration to the gods for the recovery of the Prince. I looked and there was my Prince sitting up in his bed smiling down at me and holding my hand. The Pharaoh ran into the chamber, and seeing his son well, was overjoyed. The Prince went on to tell his father that it was because of me that he was healed. That Ra himself came and shared the sacred wine to heal him. And it was because I gave my soul to Ra that it was so. The Pharaoh grabbed me and pulled me out to the balcony. Where underneath a large multitude had gathered in the dark at the news of the recovered Prince. He there announced that I was their new goddess, the bride of Ra and his son. I could go on and on about the rest of that lifetime in Egypt, or any of my other many lifetimes. But you have heard what you need to know for now. I have but a few of my original fledglings left. All of which have been great friends and companions in my many lifetimes, and of whom I love dearly with all my heart. We have lived many many lives together and grow more attached as every one passes. It has killed me a little each time one of my fledglings dies. When they decide eternity is no longer something they want, or can handle. But not everyone is able to withstand eternity.


Date of entry: 4/01