By Allene "Danger" Rohrer

What is there to say about my good friend Les? Why volumes of course! I will, however, give you the Reader's Digest condensed version, so as not to occupy the rest of your life reading about all the wonderful talents and accolades of good ol' Les Toil.

I first met Les over 20 years ago when he was a young struggling student attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco. He was my neighbor and quickly thereafter (and ever after) my good friend. I was immediately impressed with Les' drawing ability and his diverse, creative concepts for his pieces. Even when he courageously went forth into the cold cruel working world, from the safety, support and shelter of school, Les has never been one to stymie his artistic inspiration with clichés. It was immediately apparent that nothing could or would hinder Les' determination to succeed in his chosen field, nor compromise his artistic integrity.

Over the years, Les has gone from having his artwork appear in local independent newspapers and other various smaller publications, to national and even international projects encompassing many exciting genres and clients. He has illustrated numerous CD covers and concert posters for such big stars as Tori Amos, Allanis Morrisette and The Offspring, and has been hired by national periodicals such as The Village Voice, The San Jose Mercury News, and The Washington Post. An eight – page retrospective of his work can be found in not one but two issues of the hot, hip art magazine Juxtapoz (Sept. '99 and Nov. '02, available online). Les' artwork has also been featured in several major motion pictures including "The Dark Backward," starring Judd Nelson, Bill Paxton, Rob Lowe, and Wayne Newton; "The Chase," starring Charlie Sheen; "Barb Wire," starring Pamela Anderson; and "Detroit Rock City," starring Edward Furlong and featuring rock 'n' roll legends, KISS. Les' artwork pops up in the most unlikely places; from an MTV special on discrimination, to the hallowed walls of Camryn Manheim's bathroom, and from British media institution, the BBC, to a tattoo on the arm of punk rock star, NOFX's Fat Mike.

Since 1998 Les' artwork has been building itself quite the online following throughout the BBW community as well. As a true artist, Les has long recognized the female form as the most aesthetically perfect subject matter. Les, in one of his endless strokes of creative genius, has incorporated his fondness of classic pin-up art with his great admiration, love and respect for big, beautiful women. He has garnered a devoted world wide and ever growing following amongst big, beautiful women and their admirers, for his fresh, hip and titillating renderings of these curvaceous lovelies. His portraits not only display his insightful eye, bountiful drawing ability and dynamic visual conceptualizations, but also his immense devotion and awe of the Goddess inside of each and every woman he adoringly portrays. Indeed, his beloved BBW portraits have rocketed their way throughout the cyber world, uplifting the spirits of large and lovely ladies everywhere by bringing to light not only their outer beauty, but allowing their inner radiance to shine brilliantly for all the world to see.

Although Les has faced the usual disappointments in his career from rejection notices, total apathy, and insults (including ridiculously low pay), he has forged bravely on, until eventually the rejection notices became demand for his work, the insults/compliments, and the ridiculously low pay, more reasonable compensations, even fair at times! Enough so, that Mr. Toil can now confidently say he's making a living at his life-long dream.

Les, my dear friend, you have been a great source of inspiration to me, and have clearly demonstrated through your diligence, creativity and well-earned success, that dreams really can come true, to never, ever give up on your dream, and most importantly, that just having the dream itself is truly the greatest reward.

Post script: Les and movie director/screenwriter Adam Rifkin are currently in negotiations with a major publishing company to release a graphic novel they collaborated on.

The above bio was graciously provided by someone I am both a great fan of and a great friend to. Since day one, Allene's melodious vocal chords have been a constant source of pleasure and inspiration to me. Many dry and unglamorous commercial illustration assignments are cheerfully executed as a result of Miss Rohrer's music keeping me and my ears happy and motivated in my drawing studio. But it's her friendship I value the most. Why? Because she's creative, practical, generous, passionate, compassionate, open-minded, lustful of life, and funny.

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